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Just 20 minutes away from Kolkata Airport, in the fast growing Rajarhat area, is a property that everyone is talking about. Vedic Village. Set over 150 sprawling acres of green fields, fertile farmlands, sparkling lakes, coconut groves and a wealth of flora - the Vedic Village is a haven for migratory birds, plants, butterflies, squirrels. Built within this tranquil sanctuary is a world-class Spa Resort.


A sublime retreat with a unique ambience of tradition, art and nature and with substantial international style leisure and wellness facilities. A swimming pool, Ayurveda, Naturopathy, medical and feel-good spa facilities, restaurants, bar. And an array of activities which range from pottery to horse riding.


Where Nature Cures

The Vedic Village offers a wealth of rejuvenating experiences. Designed to be more than just a relaxing getaway, it combines elements of nature cure and holistic remedies to heal, renew and energize its residents and guests.

A World-class Spa Resort forms the nucleus of the complex. The Sanjeeva Spa with its trained medical practitioners offers both Ayurvedic and Naturopathy healing.

The Vedic Village is a timeless World where nature and man find harmony in each other.

Within this heaven, you could own a home. Imagine!

Bhaichung Bhutia at home is busy playing in the hole behind his super strikers - Ugen Kalzang and Keisha Dolkar. with a combined age of 30 months, they are making daddy dear sweat it out like never before. Here, Bhaichung unveils the twin joys of his life for the first time, just for t2!
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