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Located in the Rajarhat area of Kolkata, Vedic Village is just a 20 minute drive from Kolkata International Airport and 40 minutes from the centre of the city. Come, discover the richness of rural India - acres of endless farmland, sparkling lakes, an amazing variety of birds, flowers and trees, clean air and clear star-studded night skies. Vedic Village offers its guests a vast choice of dramatic villas, suites, studios, farm house rooms including the super luxury Lakeside Villas and Earth Villas. Each is a testament to architectural achievement where the concrete form and the rural fuse in magnificent harmony. With a spectacular view, the residences transport the guests to another world while ensuring every comfort and luxury of contemporary times.



Once you reach the Kolkata International / Domestic Airport transport to the Resort will meet you on request. The Resort is a short 15 kilometer drive (20 minutes) from the Airport. Round trips for city sightseeing can be arranged on request

The kilometer readings are very exact so if you are watching your Speedometer you can't go wrong. Whilst enjoying the ride you cannot get lost.

  Way I from City
  Turn left drive past ITC on to the EM Bypass after passing Science City   2 Kms
  Take the Flyover towards Nicco Park & past the WIPRO crossing till the end of the road & turn right towards the
  Rajarhat Expressway
  4 Kms
  Drive past Technopolis on to the Rajarhat Express Way till you get the sharp turn left   2 Kms
  Proceed down the road over a small bridge till you see a Vedic Village sign board directing you right. This is also the
  narrow village road to DPS Megacity School
  5 kms
  Proceed down the village road past DPS till you reach a four way crossing when you turn left   4 kms
  You are on a beautiful tree lined road (see the Rain Trees on either side) till the end of the road and then turn right   4 Kms
  You are nearly there! Drive past three petrol pumps on your right - HP, Bharat Petroleum and then IOL - just after
  which you see a local Cinema Hall after which you immediately turn right proceed for a minute down the Road and
  you cannot miss Vedic Village on your left. Drive into the Reception
  3 kms
  Total Kilometer Reading   24 kms
  Way II from City
  Pass Science City, take the roundabout and proceed towards Gariahat. You have the PC Chandra hillock on your
  left. Enter the service road and proceed along the Hillock turning left. You are on your way. This is the Basanti
  Express Way - a beautiful road. Notice the light posts on your left. The light posts are there till the Bantala Leather
  Complex a sprawling campus which will appear on your right
  13 Kms
  Proceed past the Leather Complex for exactly two kilometers. A Vedic Village Signpost directs you left   2 Kms
  Turn Left - you are on a winding village road with beautiful scenery on either side. Proceed along the road till you
  cross a small bridge after which turn Right. Proceed along the straight road lined with Rain Trees with a long stretch
  of water Bodies on your right till you reach the end of the road. A somewhat crowded! local market is on your left.
  Turn Left
  8 Kms
  Proceed straight down the road for four kilometers and then turn Left at the end of the road   4 kms
  Just under a kilometer and Vedic Village appears on your right Drive in and Relax!   1 kms
  Total Kilometer Reading   28 kms
  Way III from City
  Drive out of the Airport and turn left down VIP Road   1.5 Kms
  Proceed along the curve of the Flyover passing The Circle Club till you reach a 4 point crossing and turn left   3 Kms
  Proceed down the road till the next crossroad appears which is the Rajarhat Cross   5.5 Kms
  Carry on down the road driving straight watching the signs. You will eventually cross three petrol pumps in
  succession HP IBP and a large IOC pump after which turn right
  4 kms
  Proceed down the road for another kilometer till you reach Vedic Village   1 kms
  Total Kilometer Reading   15 kms
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