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Sanjeeva Town - Bungalows

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At Sanjeeva Town, community living will not compromise individuality. It promises you a housing complex rich in style, space and personal appeal! Because, Sanjeeva Town will give you independent luxury bungalows, with exceptional features and facilities, brought you to prices less than a flat.

Do away with flat living. Welcome to life in picturesque bungalows. Welcome to Sanjeeva Town - The Bungalow Estate.

Like country life, yet in the heart of tomorrow's Kolkata

Sanjeeva Town is coming up in the fastest growing part of Kolkata - just 4 kms from Nicco Park. Vast water bodies line both sides of the road to the complex, soothing your city-weary nerves. The felling of freshness continues inside the project, set in sylvan surroundings, admist wide open land by the Krishnapur Canal. Sanjeeva town will be more than your home. It will be your rejuvenation therapy, where you'll wash away the stress and fatigue of a working day. And face the next with renewed energy and vigour.
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