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Sanjeeva Town - Bungalows

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Club life is a part of home life

Your club will be next-door to your home at Sanjeeva Town. Strictly for the residents of the complex, this will be a source of fun, frolic and relaxation for your entire family. It will have facilities like :

  • Full size swimming pool
  • Community hall
  • Multi purpose court
  • Indoor games room
  • Gym with steam & Jacuzzi
  • Children's play area.
Essential services

Sanjeeva Town will be a self-contained complex, ensuring that every daily need is at the fingertips of its residents. There will be a service zone to the south of the complex. All the essential services will be available here, including laundry, ATM and Chemists. It will also have a department store, stacked with daily need products.


Your children are safe even when you are not at home
Sanjeeva Town will have round-the-clock, modern security measures. The main gates will have video security systems. At bungalows will be linked to one another at the gates through intercoms. There will be constant monitoring of all entrance and exit points of the complex by trained professionals.

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